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SBLP - Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages


Thursday, September - 27

ST 1 : Compilers and Optimization
11h00 - 12h30 1 - Parameter Based Constant Propagation
Péricles Alves Rafael, Igor Rafael, Fernando Pereira e Eduardo Figueiredo
2 - Spill Code Placement for SIMD Machines
Diogo Sampaio, Elie Gedeon, Fernando Pereira and Sylvain Collange
3 - A system for runtime type introspection in C++
Maximilien de Bayser and Renato Cerqueira
ST 2 : Parsing
14h30 - 16h00 1 - Attribute Grammar Macros
Marcos Viera and Doaitse Swierstra
2 - Left Recursion in Parsing Expression Grammars
Sérgio Medeiros, Fabio Mascarenhas and Roberto Ierusalimschy
3 - Adaptable Parsing Expression Grammars
Leonardo Vieira Dos Santos Reis, Roberto S. Bigonha, Vladimir Oliveira Di Iorio and Luís Eduardo Souza Amorim

Friday, September - 28

ST 3 : Compilers and Optimization
11h00 - 12h30 1 - An Integrated Technique for Instruction Scheduling and Register Allocation Based on Subgraph Isomorphism
Lucas Silva, Ricardo Santos and Richard Silva
(short paper)

2 - Speed and Precision in Range Analysis
Victor Campos, Raphael Rodrigues, Igor Costa and Fernando Pereira
3 - Optimizing a Geomodeling Domain Specific Language
Bruno Morais Ferreira, Fernando Pereira, Herman Rodrigues and Britaldo Soares-Filho
ST 4 : Language Design and Source-Level Optimization
14h30 - 16h00 1 - A Static Analysis-based Approach to Suggest Improvements for Stored Procedures
Dimas C. Nascimento, Tiago Massoni and Carlos Eduardo Pires
(short paper)
2 - Model-based Programming Environments for Spreadsheets
Jácome Cunha, João Saraiva and Joost Visser
3 - A Quantitative Assessment of Aspectual Feature Modules for Evolving Software Product Lines
Felipe Nunes Gaia, Gabriel Ferreira, Eduardo Figueiredo and Marcelo Maia